Criminal Defense Lawyer in Middletown

  Attorney Serrantino and his firm are here to make sure your constitutional rights are protected. We believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty. We fight to hold state and federal prosecutors to their high burden of proof, whether this is your first experience in the criminal justice system or you are facing the difficult decisions of taking a plea deal involving incarceration. Having an experienced and highly recognized criminal lawyer to guide you through the criminal justice system is essential to protect your life and liberty.

     In 2018, the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys (“NACDA”) chose Attorney Serrantino to receive the 2018 TOP 10 Under 40 years old Attorney Award in the State of Connecticut for his hard work and dedication to representing his Criminal Defense clients. The attorneys who make the NACDA TOP 10 Under 40 list must first be nominated by a licensed attorney or one of the NACDA in-house staff members. Fifty nominated attorneys from each state are then chosen to advance to the final selection stage by the NACDA Selection Committee. The NACDA Board of Governors then officially selects the TOP 10 Under 40 in each state.

When we take on a case at Serrantino Law, LLC, we review a number of factors such as the nature of the charges against you, the evidence and allegations backing up those charges, and the credibility of any potential witnesses listed in the police report. Attorney Serrantino guarantees he will do everything in his power to defend you whether it’s getting the charges dismissed, fighting for a fair plea deal, or defending you all the way through a jury trial.   

​    Here at Serrantino Law, LLC, we know your freedom and future hang in the balance, and we take our responsibility to represent you very seriously.​

   Whether you’ve been charged with an OUI, a drug offense, a domestic violence charge, or any other misdemeanor or serious felony charge, contact Serrantino Law, LLC TODAY at NO COST and speak with Joe and his staff about your case!